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The Magic Amphora
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Raya is a sweet young princess bee who is very kind and gentle with a heart of gold. She looks different from all the other bees because she is pure gold. Raya is put in a unique position; she can control the fate of her colony of bees by unlocking the secret of the magic amphora and giving them a chance for everlasting life. Danger lurks at every turn when the evil wasp, Mr. Bzyk, and the mean, greedy little spider, Mr. Ralfe, will stop at nothing to uncover Raya's magical secret. Raya understand her own fate and the wisdom of others to help her solve the riddle of everlasting life and turn enemies into allies through her courageous journey.The Magic Amphora is the first book of a three story trilogy based on the adventures of Raya and her close group of friends.

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