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Note: This audiobook is for the first edition of Tales of the Incorrigible: Flummox or Bust.  It is so far into the future that Oprah's papacy is but a bizarre footnote in the history books. The invention of the Flitzdrive has shrunk the mind-numbing magnitude of the galaxy down to less than a year's travel from edge-to-edge. Thousands of sentient races that once didn't know each other existed now intermingle and irritate one another on a regular basis....When the most notorious space pirate that ever lived disappeared for the final time, his ship was rumored to carry a plunder of legendary worth. So when the crew of the starship Incorrigible gain a clue to that ship's location, it begins a star-spanning quest battling the forces of nature, time, space, and society - not to mention nettlesome outbreaks of sex - to retrieve it.Explore! An eerie ghost planet overrun with rat-faced scab melons and purple lung pluckers!Experience! The scarred surface of Frag, crawling with creatures created with but one purpose: Destruction!Marvel! At Vadnu, a planet consisting entirely of water from surface to core.Mourn! Within walking distance of Amphora, the fabled city in a can! Intrude Upon a naked old man who holds the key to the treasure of a lifetime. It is all waiting for you aboard the Incorrigible. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Michael T. Bradley. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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