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Archaeology Hotspot France
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The Archaeology Hotspots series offers reader-friendly and engaging narratives of the archaeology in particular countries. Written by archaeological experts with a general reader in mind, each book in the series focuses on what has been found and by whom, what the controversies and scandals have been, ongoing projects, and how it all fits into a broader view of the history of the country. In Archaeology Hotspot France, Georgina Muskett provides insight into the vibrant and varied collection of archaeological sites and monuments in France. From the presence of the first humans to the royal dynasty of the Merovingians, this book takes readers into the histories, mysteries, and scandals of these illustrious sites, as well as covering the latest discoveries, early pioneers, and the innovations for which French archaeology is famous. The stunning cave art of Lascaux, the engineering excellence of the Pont-du-Gard and the amphora-laden shipwreck at Madrague de Giens are among the wealth of archaeological sites to be discovered.

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